Useful Info for Towing Scenarios – Super Towing

In case of an emergency towing scenario (whenever injuries take place) – an auto accident:

1. Check for injuries (make certain that no one has been damaged). If anyone is hurt, call 911 right away.

2. Relocate your car out of the road (either onto the shoulder, in a parking spot, or anywhere outside of the flow of traffic).

3. Exchange all your ID info with the other people involved in the accident & call your insurance provider:


*License plate numbers


*Phone numbers

*Take down the location of the accident

4. Call Ottawa Towing

Call us at (613) 604-0160

In case of a non-emergency towing scenario (whenever no one is injured), before placing a call to us, please prepare the following information:

*Your name

*Current location (specific landmark you’ve passed, the exact mile marker, exits & the direction you’re facing on the road)

*Phone number

*Specific request/ service

*Basic car description (the make, model, license plate number, the color & the kind of vehicle)


Call us at (613) 604-0160

Also, if you are unable to find your vehicle on your own and suspect it’s been towed due to unlawful parking, call the Ottawa Police Service at 613-230-6211.

Further info is available at

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