24/7 Car Lockout Solutions in Ottawa

Super Towing Offers Premium Car Lockout Services

Super Towing is a local towing company operating in Ottawa and the surrounding areas. On call around the clock, we provide top quality towing and roadside assistance services to the local community, including car lockout solutions. Our well trained tow truck operators as well as automotive locksmiths will handle your car lockout emergency on the spot. Super Towing fully guarantees a 30 minute arrival time, unrivaled performance and full customer satisfaction. We will not leave your side until the situation is fully resolved.

For top quality car lockout solutions call (613) 604-0160

There is a reason why emergency car lockouts are our most popular service. Car lockouts happen all the time. Worse, they tend to happen at the most inconvenient times. Usually, they take place on the morning of a busy day at work or just before an important event at your child’s school. Should you experience an emergency car lockout, you can rely on us. We are always glad to reach a helping (& professional) hand. Our mobile locksmiths and technicians have the know-how, equipment and tools to unlock even the most sophisticated car doors in a matter of minutes.

Super Towing’s car lockout service is available 24/7. This is a promise we deliver on. No matter how late it is when you call us and no matter how bad the weather conditions are, our mobile locksmiths will be there to perform an emergency car lockout service. Even on weekends, even on holidays, Super Towing Ottawa will respond to your call and immediately send you a trained and certified auto locksmith.

Our 30 min. arrival time is a promise not to be broken under any circumstances. To be able to do so, we invest in cutting-edge location software and GPS equipment. Using both, our mobile locksmiths will find you and your car in no time at all.

Super Towing’s other roadside assistance and towing services include:

  • Lost car keys replacement
  • Emergency car lockout solutions
  • Trunk door unlocking
  • Car key repair
  • Chip key & transponder key programming
  • Key cutting
  • Lock change & lock re-keying

Our locksmiths and technicians are trained to deal with all makes and models. Using state-of-the-art equipment and tools, they’ll make sure to unlock your car door as easily as they would with a key.

Anyone may find themselves challenged with a car lockout situation of some kind. It does not matter if you are one of the most organized people in the world you may still forget your car keys somewhere, have them drop out of your purse, bag or pocket without you noticing, get them stolen along with you bag, briefcase or purse, not to mention just accidentally locking the keys in your car’s passenger compartment or trunk.

Anyone confronted with a car lockout situation may feel a bit dumbfounded at first. It is an unexpected setback, just seconds a go you were sure you’re going to get behind the wheel and drive off and suddenly you realize this is not going to be the case. We’ve gathered for you five tips that will help you better handle the situation.

Remember, this type of Situation happens to many –
Remember that you’re hardly the first to encounter a car lockout situation and that this type of mishap happens to many motorists in Ottawa, just as anywhere else. If it is such a common occurrence there must be companies, such as Super Towing, who offer car lockout solutions. If you choose the right serviced provider to call in you will find that the whole ordeal is over faster than you first thought possible.

Don’t try to force your car door or trunk open –
When you realize that you’re locked out of your car, especially if you know there’s a set of keys inside, you may be inclined to try to open the car yourself. You should know that the damage you may cause will cost a pretty penny to fix, it will probably take you longer to get in than to have pro techs come in and get you back behind the wheel without causing any damage at all (by picking a door lock for instance).

Don’t even think about breaking a window –
Your auto insurance policy will not cover damage you yourself inflict on your vehicle. If you break a window in order to regain access to your locked car’s passenger compartment you will end up having to pay for the widow to be fixed. This will undoubtedly cost more than using a professional car lockout service, such as the one we at Super Towing offer.

Get a spare set of car keys made –
If you’ve encountered a car lockout situation make use of the opportunity and get a spare set of car keys made. The tech who opens your locked car for you will have no trouble making such a set for you on spot, that is, providing they are true professionals such as Super Towing techs are.

Take measures to prevent it from happening again –
There are many things you can do prevent car lockout situations. If you’ve encountered one it may be a good idea to take steps in order to prevent it from happening again. Check for tips on preventing car lockout situations and choose the measures that best work for you.

For 24h car lockout services in Ottawa call (613) 604-0160

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