24/7 Car Lock Picking Services in Ottawa

Super Towing Offers Pro Car Lock Picking Solutions

Imagine getting locked outside of your car. You have entered your garage after visiting a friend. You are sure you put your keys in your pockets but doubt is staring to creep in. suddenly the image of your keys laying on the front seat of the car hits you, as you stand by your car, unable to open the doors and drive away.

You are staring at your keys, hoping they were in your hand right now. Do you break the glass? Or try picking the locks yourself? Your car is right there where you left it, but without the ignition key you might as well be walking. In one fell swoop of forgetfulness, suddenly you need to clear hours on end for the trouble of replacing your car keys, right? -Wrong!

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At Super Towing, we have you covered at all times for these exact situations. Just place your call at any hour, day or night, and let our specialists take care of the rest. We will get a professional car expert to you within only 30 minutes to resolve any tackle or locksmith issue. We have witnessed every scenario and successfully solved it, from picking the lock to retrieving the keys, to towing cars out of perilous situations. Our rates are affordable in order to help you receive a great and uncompromising quality of service and solutions.

Your peace of mind – guaranteed

We offer the most advanced services in the field as well as a friendly team of professionals to assist with any problem. We guarantee that we will solve it! Our specialists are available around the clock and offer such services as car lock picking, tow truck towing, battery jumpstart, cable jumpstart, examining and diagnosing the problem, as well as many other services, such as:

  • Car lock picking
  • Reaching the client at his chosen location
  • Complete availability
  • Various car towing options
  • Inspection, diagnostics and advice
  • Friendly and pleasant service experience
  • A quick responsible ETA of no more than30 minutes
  • Around the clock available call center aimed at helping you at any time of day or night
  • Taking an active role caring for and giving back to the community

Our availability is our warranty

Knowing that car malfunctions and tackles have no time limit we carry out our services with an emphasis on absolute availability. That is why our service ensures you that our on call specialists are there at all times to tend to your car issues. Be it car lock picking or having your car quickly towed, we guarantee your absolute satisfaction in our uncompromising quality service standards and reliable solutions. Be sure to contact Super Towing and guarantee yourself a super quality coverage.

For our car lock picking services in Ottawa call (613) 604-0160

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